Pig: Year of Abundance

knockdown Center



Shadow become real; follower become leader;
mouse turned sorcerer —
In a red sky. a darker beast lies waiting.
her teeth, once hidden, now unsheathed swords.
Yellow woman, a revolutionary, speaks:
“They have mutilated our genitals,
but I will restore them;
I will render our shames and praise them,
Our beauties. our mothers:
Those young Chinese whores on display in barracoons;
the domestics in soiled aprons;
the miners, loggers, railroad workers
holed up in Truckee in winters.
I will create armies of their descendants.
And I will expose the lies and ridicule
the impotence of those who have called us
slanted cunts
in order to abuse and exploit us.

And I will destroy them.”

Abrasive teacher, incisive comedienne,
Painted Lady, dark domestic —
Sweep minds’ attics; burnish our senses;
keep house, make love, wreak vengeance.
— -Yellow Woman Speaks, Merle Woo. 1986.


We were borne to each other

On a great wind of fury

Blown from the mouths of our


Who speak to us in soft tongues

Their breath sweet with the possibilities

Of all they could not yet imagine

and all that was possible to be

and from their desires our collective sprang.


3. We are all, in different ways, angry yellow femmes who grew up in white spaces and learned to navigate and challenge systems of white supremacy from within. We found language through teachers at universities who slipped us words that we did not know existed. Words to describe ourselves and words to remember our history. It is our proximity to whiteness that kept us apart for so long, and also what brought us together. Most of our core members went to NYU and knew each other peripherally, but we were busy pacifying whiteness and remained distant from each other. The alienation we felt in working life post-graduation pushed us into revealing further the ways we were similar: anxiety over how dueling privilege and oppression would push us to be productive, the complexities of our individual identities, queer politics of futurity, and a deep, endless anger towards white supremacy that burned constant, even in darker moments of assimilation and self-denial. It is this anger, equal parts revenge, bitterness, and overwhelming love for our communities, from which YJC rose. Anger is still the inciting, creative force that gives us the energy to work and build, despite our melancholy and the ghosts that haunt our bodies and histories. It is the love in this anger that sustains us, for our communities are full of power, grace and beauty our current system cannot begin to imagine